Will a Majority of Multi/Nationals Support Sunsetting DST?

By The PolicyKeys™ Editors and POLI the AI

Multi/Nationals are the companies and their stakeholders that do business in most of the 50 States, and others that also do business in other counties. In 2019, Multinational Enterprises (MNE) employed 29 million people in the US, which is about 22% of private employment. Total annual research & development (R&D) by MNEs and Majority-Owned Foreign Affiliates (MOFAs) in 2018 was over $400B. Total GDP contributions from MNEs is $4.2 Trillion on a total US economy of about $22 Trillion. Needless to say, MNEs are a significant driver in the US economy.[1]

Both the Democrats and Republicans seem to be turning against Multi/Nationals. The Democrats don’t like the power that these big businesses have amassed and want to protect the consumer. The Republicans don’t like that these big businesses are no longer towing the Republican party line. Most savvy Multi/Nationals give campaign contributions about equally to both parties because they can’t afford alienating the party who gets to be in charge next term.

Compounding matters, since most Multi/Nationals need to sell to all Americans they cannot afford losing the “other half” of their market. Therefore, more and more Multi/Nationals are leaning towards tolerance of thought and actions. Let’s face it, the employees, management, owners, and customers of most company’s widgets really don’t want the heavy baggage of either parrot’s hyper-partisan squawking. 

The Four Key YES Reasons for Multi/Nationals to Support Sunsetting Daylight Savings Time are…

  • Employers can adjust their workdays
  • A better night’s sleep increases health and therefore increases productivity
  • Their employees’ kids waiting for the bus in the dark seems wrong
  • Less health insurance payouts from better employee health

The Four Key NO Reasons for Multi/Nationals to NOT Support Sunsetting Daylight Savings Time

  • DST increases consumer buying and creates jobs
  • DST reduces crime especially at night
  • Workers need cooler mornings especially because of climate change
  • Busier after work traffic is safer when lighter

The Editors and POLI the AI called Multi/Nationals against sunsetting Daylight Savings Time. One deciding factor is, momentum, since Congress seems to have the blinders on when it comes to giving ST-Forever a fair hearing compared to DST-Forever. On the PolicyKeys™ Game Board there are also two Roles called “Party Favors.” Party Favors are the Roles that benefit directly from the two-parties largesse when they are in power, and since Multi/Nationals contribute heavily to both parties—it would seem to be underlying reason for the bill circulating Congress to make DST permanent, and no real debate about Standard Time.  

Note: PolicyKeys™ has rated Ending DST to be a Leaderboard-Worthy Idea, as Making DST Permanent only gets support from a majority of two of the four sides of the political table. PolicyKeys™ predicts Sunsetting DST as the superior solution.

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[1] https://www.bea.gov/news/2021/activities-us-multinational-enterprises-2019







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