Should States determine their own immigration needs?

BOX SCORE: Local TAP Legal Immigration

Puzzle Summary:

TAP allows States to Terminate (close the tap), Accelerate (tap world markets), or Pause (tap the brakes) on Local Legal Immigration. Counties will funnel immigration requests up to the State. State politics will decide what numbers to approve.

There is controversy around immigrant crime rates but legal immigration crime rates appear actually lower than US citizens’. States will work in two-year requests in off-election years to de-politicize immigration. Immigrants must stay in their host State or reciprocating State until reaching full citizenship.

ONE PARROT openly thinks national immigration policy has stopped serving our needs. THE OTHER PARROT closes with immigration should stay in the hands of the federal government.

Both Parrots make their good points over and over and over again. What did our nonpartisan scoring system say?                       

BOX SCORE for Local TAP Legal Immigration
Weighted-Average Forecast

:75%: ± 4% Nonpartisan Score
Sides of the Table 4/4
Wall of Information 7/8
Cultural Windows 12/16
Columns of Bias 8/8


Top Four Key Reasons in Favor of Local TAP Legal Immigration

10 million open jobs Americans don’t want
Labor supply shortages are causing inflation
Keeps US companies from offshoring
Social Security needs people paying in

Top Four Key Reasons Against Local TAP Legal Immigration

May lower wage growth
Immigrants will start competing businesses
Some States may take too many
Many immigrants don’t share our values

Where Can We Agree?®: Four Odd Couples IN-FAVOR

Activists & Private Equity
Federal Payroll & Landlords
Sciences & Materials
Nonprofit Independents & Corporate Lobby

Where Can We Agree?®: Four Odd Couples AGAINST

Planet First Democrats & Big Agriculture
Moralist Republicans & Civil Servants
Core Republicans & Democratic Leadership
Republican Leadership & Party Favor Democrats

Four A-hah Moments

(Yes) Labor shortages are causing product shortages hence inflation
(Yes) Helps keep companies from offshoring jobs

(No) Increased demand for housing
(No) Immigrants start competing businesses

Politics 4.0 DNA (ACGT) Conclusion

We predict an 75% vast super-majority of roles in this country to support Local TAP Legal Immigration with a typical error margin of  ± 4%. Thrift (T) types point out that it will help save the Social Security fund. Abundance (A) types see more productivity for all industries. Commerce (C) types see a ready supply of labor. Governance (G) types see increased tax revenues from increased commerce.


Deeper Dive into Local TAP

Facts about Immigration

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