Should parking lots be required to have solar roofs?

BOX SCORE: Solar Covered Parking Lots

Puzzle Summary:

France recently passed a law that would require all parking lots of 80 slots or more to put solar arrays over them. France expects that to generate the equivalent of 11 nuclear reactors. The United States land mass is 18x bigger than France, and the US population is about 5x larger. Therefore, if the US also did solar-over-rovers parking lots, it would generate between the equivalent of 55 to 200 nuclear power plants.

ONE PARROT spotlights that solar only works on sunny days, there has to be backup electric generating capacity, and it will be decades if ever for fossil fuels to become obsolete. THE OTHER PARROT throws shade that we’re already decades behind protecting the planet from climate disasters and this is an easy solution.

Both Parrots make their good points over and over and over again. What did our nonpartisan scoring system say?                       

BOX SCORE for Solar Over Car Parks
Weighted-Average Forecast

:80%: ± 2% Nonpartisan Score
Sides of the Table 4/4
Wall of Information 8/8
Cultural Windows 16/16
Columns of Bias 8/8


Top Four Key Reasons in Favor of Solar Over Car Parks

Climate change is bad for business
Helps reduce urban heat islands
Less snow to brush off
Competitive advantage for US businesses

Top Four Key Reasons Against Solar Over Car Parks

Demand will stress raw materials
Solar & Wind need backup capacity
My industry may be decimated next
Green collar jobs compete with blue collar jobs

Where Can We Agree?®: Four Odd Couples IN-FAVOR

Planet First Democrats & Raw Material
Activists & Billionaires
Ethicist Democrats & Moralist Republicans
Non Union Workers & Nonworkers

Where Can We Agree?®: Four Odd Couples AGAINST

Social Media & Sanitation
Free Press & Republican Leadership
Wholesale & E-Retail
Investment Banks & Restaurants

Four A-hah Moments

(Yes) Solar profits help businesses
(Yes) Good green collar jobs & profits

(No) Fossil fuels still need federal support for affordable fuel
(No) We can’t afford solar subsidies

Politics 4.0 DNA (ACGT) Conclusion

We predict an 80% vast super-majority of roles in this country to support Solar Over Car Parks, with a very low error margin of ± 2%.  Thrift (T) types see the cost of energy going down. Abundance (A) types see almost unlimited sel-sufficient green energy. Commerce (C) types see increased profit from lower energy costs. Governance (G) types see less extreme weather and having to manage climate disasters.

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Congress’s approval rating is 21%, the Supreme Court’s is 40%, the media 27%, the average score of the policies on the PolicyKeys™ National Idea Leaderboard is 73%—Politics 4.0 is already a 2x to 3x better model of US political sentiment and direction than Politics (as usual) 3.0.

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