Mile High Hydrogen Parrots

Mile High Alliances

Which odd couples were caught in the act of agreeing and disagreeing on hydrogen-powered commercial air flights?

Welcome to Strange Bedfellow Wednesday. We’re told we can’t agree on anything political. That doesn’t fly with us, the silent supermajority.

A Politics 4.0, 4-minute read.

The Puzzle

Countries bordering mountains that depend on the runoff to feed their streams will become desperate for water when the ice caps melt.

solution is to methodically convert all long-haul flights to hydrogen fuel, which would water the planet with the equivalent of one or two Lake Tahoes a year. The extra humidity will help refreeze the poles and re-snow mountain caps.

You can read more about it in our intro article. We go into sudden depth on the difficult-to-call roles in our Tiebreaker article. This week’s PolicyKeys puzzle can be found here. It’s a great team sport.

Four Odd Couples
Leaning Against
Hydrogen Planes

Suburban Part-Time (2)
More expensive flights
Billionaires (10)
Climate change is good for business

Rural Full-Time (30)
Will help fuel more green inflation
Corporate Lobby (16)
The private sector can sell water

Core Republicans (14)
Fossil fuel is abundant and cheap
Rank & File Democrats (30)
Will help fuel more green inflation

Importers (16)
The private sector can sell water
Exporters (16)
The private sector can sell water

Four Odd Couples
Leaning In-Favor
of Hydrogen Planes

Moralist Republicans (11)
Helps avoid 1B climate refugees by 2050
Democratic Ethicists (5)
Water is cheaper than war

Local Chains (9)
Climate change is bad for business
E-Platforms (25)
Hydrogen jobs and profits

Gun Owners (11)
Helps avoid 1B climate refugees by 2050
Caregivers (25)
Hydrogen jobs and profits

Rural Part-time (27)
No potable water, no food
Urban Investors (9)
Climate change is bad for business

Hydrogen Planes
Nonpartisan Score

POLI was slightly more optimistic than our editors. We predict a 71% ±4 (11 roles) STRONG SUPERMAJORITY of roles in this country to support HYDROGEN PLANES TO PREVENT WATER WARS, including a majority of each of the four sides of the political tablemaking this a US Public Policy Leaderboard (US-PPL) worthy idea. 

90% and up Near Unanimous
80% – 89% Near Consensus
75% -79%Vast Supermajority
60% – 66% Supermajority
50% – 59% Majority


SCOTUS’s approval rating is 41%,
the media is 32%, and
Congress is 15%.

Do we expect you to agree with the supermajority on all the rankings? 

Of course not; you’re human, not a hyper-partisan parrot.

We think you’ll agree with the leaderboard about 3 out of 4 items on average. Why?

The average score of the policies on the PolicyKeys™ US Public Policy Leaderboard (US-PPL) Sweet Sixteen is 76%, with many above 80%Politics 4.0 is already a 2x to 5x better model of US political sentiment and direction than politics as usual.


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It takes guts to see things from all four sides of the political table.