This Week's Game

Trillion $ Mint

Congress has granted the right for the US Treasury to mint coins, which is known as seigniorage. Congress still solely decides what is to be spent. The US went off the gold standard in 1971, and since then, the US dollar's only backing is the full faith and credit that if the US government owes a debt in dollars, it will be paid in dollars. ONE PARROT spends but caps government debt and threatens bond defaults on loan payments to limit the other parrot's spending. THE OTHER PARROT also spends and increases taxes and borrowing to pay for what it feels the US needs. To prevent a world-shaking default on US debt, the Treasury could mint $1 Trillion coins and deposit them at the Fed to buy back debt or make interest payments and prevent the US from losing its status as the world reserve currency. <b>First, CLICK ON A ROLE</b>, then click on YES or NO if you think a majority of each role is for or against, and submit to compare with our forecast.

Should Treasury Deposit Trillion Dollar Coins at the Fed?


Let’s get horizontal, Politics 4.0 makes strange bedfellows

Turn your phone and your perspective horizontally
Widen your views, literally and figuratively
Politics is a landscape not a self-portrait
You’ll need both your left and right thumbs
Widen your views — left and right
Let’s knock down some figurative silos
Let’s sit on the 50 yard line, not just one end zone