Immigration Facts

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Immigration Facts

by Immigration Editor Samantha “Sami” Corkern.

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The United States admits nearly 1 million immigrants into the country each year under a variety of programs, however, the number of new immigrants each year is decreasing.


For every H1-B visa holder admitted into the country, 1.8 new jobs are created.


An additional 370,000 immigrants are needed each year to sustain social security by 2060.

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Industries such as Agriculture, Logistics, and Hospitality rely heavily on an immigrant workforce. The Logistics industry alone is predicted to have a need for more than 1 million new employees from 2016 to 2026.

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The United States depends on immigration for economic growth and security.



Individuals living in the United States under Temporary Protected Status alone contribute more than $4.5 billion to the economy pretax in addition to $6.9 billion to medicare and social security over 10 year period.


International students permitted in the United States, who do not have a direct path to citizenship, support more than 458,000 jobs.


Immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes than native-born citizens, this is the case for property and violent crimes.


Individuals with Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) contributed $23.6 billion in 2015 without the benefit of receiving Federally funded programs, such as the CAREs Act stimulus checks in 2020.

:: Conclusion ::

Immigrants regularly contribute more to the United States economy than they receive, and commit crimes at lower rates than native born citizens.



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